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Information and Referral

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  • Directory/Resource List Publication (4)

    Directory/Resource List Publication


    Programs that publish and distribute directories of agencies that provide human services for residents of the community and/or resource lists. Included are programs that produce directories/lists that focus on a specific geographical area, service category or target group as well as those that produce a comprehensive directory of all community resources.
  • Internet Information Resources (12)

    Internet Information Resources


    Information that is available to people with personal computers equipped with Internet connections and the appropriate software.
  • Specialized Information and Referral (17)

    Specialized Information and Referral


    Programs that maintain information about community resources that are appropriate for a specific target group or human services sector (for example, youth programs or addiction services) and which link individuals who are in need of specialized services with appropriate resources and/or which provide information about community agencies and organizations that offer specialized services.

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